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We are here to provide guidance.

Start by contacting Rhonda Furlough, LPN, Admissions Coordinator at 615-662-3214 today and let us walk with you through this process and answer any questions you may have.

At The Meadows, we understand that there are many factors - physical, financial and emotional - that may need to be considered when making life-changing care and medical decisions for you, a loved one or a patient.

Making the decision for senior living care for a family member or loved one can be an emotional and difficult decision. Many times a move into a senior care facility follows a crisis situation; however, gradual changes in health, lifestyle or financial well-being can necessitate the search for assistance or new senior living arrangements.

We encourage you to visit us to discuss how we may assist you so that you can experience The Meadows difference - our commitment to quality, consistent care.

As you begin to explore senior care options for your family member or loved one, be sure to gather as much information as you can about care options and facilities.

Types of information to gather and things to do include the following:

  • Discuss what is important to you and your loved ones - type of care provided, food service provided, social programs, activities, and religious affiliations.
  • Talk to your doctor, friends, relatives, and religious groups to see if they have suggestions or recommendations
  • The reputation of the community
  • The experience of the management team
  • Visit the community and take a tour - be sure to ask questions
  • Meet with staff members of the facility, including the Director or Director of Nursing
  • Ask for references from family members of past or current residents
  • Compare current cost of living expenses with the community's service and amenities
  • Research costs and any financial resources that may be available to help cover costs of long-term care.

Insurance and other payment plans
The Meadows is a Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Pay facility.

Recognizing the Need for Senior Care Services
Here is a helpful list of visible signs that your loved one may need assistance with their daily life activities.
Learn more about the signs.

A Guide to Visiting Senior Living Communities
Now that you've decided that a senior care facility is needed for your loved one, view a list of questions to consider when assessing the community.
Read and view the printable guide.

Glossary of Senior Care Terms - When starting the process of researching senior care communities, you may encounter a lot of new terminology. Here is a list of terminology and the definitions to help you make sense of it all.
Search the Glossary of Senior Care terms.

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